Boiling alcohol on induction cooktop safe?

posted on 28 May 2014 22:32 by miscreantgroup107
It is safe, nevertheless it depends on simply how much liquid is within the pan. how will the actual metal interact together with alcohol when its taken to the boil?




Boiling alcohol in induction cooktop safe?

What may be the point of boiling alcohol? The idea will evaporate with 170 degrees. In case you do it your current way, most of your alcohol will most likely be gone.


Update 2: My concern does the particular metal pot be a stove heating element? Dont more

Update : utilizing 190 proof pga.




With wine there will be certainly small possibility of flambe, but for high alcohol content material similar to brandy etc anticipate it.

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don b answered two years ago

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. When there exists a lot then there is actually certainly no issue since it cool the liquid. When there is actually certainly little liquid you might flambe the food consequently become aware of that happening possibly.

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wonder if it is safe. (long before the remainder Best Induction Cooktop of the components boil) If you may well be making Apple Pie moonshine, boil the remainder in the components together, allow cool then add your alcohol




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