To reduce the noise about the image, Smartec video monitor supports digital 3D noise reduction (3DNR). Inside addition, STM-223 will be supplied together with metal housing, which protects monitor electronics via damages.

New Smartec STM-223 video monitors can be obtained through stock by Smartec dealers. Pertaining To much more information about STM-223 as well as other Smartec monitors, please, contact the Smartec dealers directly.

New Smartec video monitor features 300 cd/m2 brightness and also 1000:1 contrast ratio. Also, video monitor supports PiP ("picture within picture") and PbP ("picture at the particular rear of picture"), enabling the particular operator to pick your video source pertaining to major along with track record windows.

Full-functional STM-223 video monitor will be made for operation in the huge video surveillance systems.

New 22-inch monitor can be designed for round-the-clock operation inside the video surveillance systems. Wide viewing angles (170 H as well as 160 V) give a comfy monitoring involving the application form coming from various view points. Inside addition, video monitor can be mounted about the ceiling using optional brackets. CCTV operator may monitor the security application throughout real-time, viewing images each completely as well as multiscreen modes. It utilizes 22-inch TFT-matrix using Total HD resolution and 5ms response time, which in turn allows this model to transport out successful monitoring in the dynamic objects. The idea can be supplied along with black metal housing, desk stand, IR remote control and power adapter.

Under Smartec brand name, a wide selection of devices are supplied, permitting to create conventional and also digital video surveillance systems best video monitor regarding baby regarding any configuration and complexity. Inside addition, STM-223 features multimedia HDMI-interface for HD-video transmission.

Widescreen TFT-matrix using 22"diagonal as well as HD 1080p resolution ensures high image top quality and also elevated video detail. It features Anti Burn-in function, which usually eliminates protects monitor coming from pixel burning when displaying static video information. This particular function permits new monitor to evaluate as well as right input video signal, removing the actual artifacts around the image. Smartec video monitor furthermore features 300 cd/m? brightness, 1000:1 distinction ratio and 3DNR noise reduction function, providing higher image clarity as well as crisp video detail. Fast pixel reaction occasion (5 ms) raises the efficiency regarding fast-moving objects' monitoring, since your "smearing" effect and motion blur turn out for you to be invisible to the human eye.

For the ease of CCTV installer, STM-223 provides a amount of mounting options. Such significant rates ensure superior images using high-quality detail along with crisp video rendering of the objects along with darkish tones. Throughout particular, horizontal installation may be carried out through desk stand (supplied), whilst for pendant installation it can be strongly recommended to utilize VESA normal mounting bracket. Your products includes standard analog cameras (B/W, color as well as "day-night"), IP-cameras, varifocal lenses, network PTZ cameras, 15"-32" video monitors, 4-32-ch DVRs, IP-video servers, camera housings, brackets as well as other video surveillance devices.. Pertaining To analog signal transmission Smartec video monitor features a composite video input, although pertaining to PC-connection - D-Sub connector. Energy consumption with the monitor is all about 50W.

Due for the multiple I/O interfaces, video monitor provides video playback coming from various video sources (analog/network cameras, PCs, DVRs, etc.), so which it may end up being used in a assortment associated with video surveillance along with safety systems. STM-223 power supply can be given by 12V DC power adapter. STM-223 offers digital HDMI interface, 15-pin D-Sub for PC connection and two audio amplifiers




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